Past & Current Projects

Projects that 7Bear Software and founder Shimon Shore are working on or have worked on in the past include:
  • AutoRun Architect - An AutoRun creation Utility
  • The Canadian Encyclopedia - CD-ROM based Multimedia Encyclopedia
  • The Electronic Box Office - Online ticket management software
  • Funk & Wagnalls Multimedia Encyclopedia - CD-ROM based Multimedia Encyclopedia
  • Hand In Hand Productions - Wordpress based Web Site with eCommerce.
  • Infopedia - CD-ROM based Multimedia Encyclopedia
  • Jewish Mourning Guide - Wordpress based Web Site.
  • Nextel Multimedia Suite - PC-based Media Management software
  • The Place - Wordpress based Web Site.
  • Sprint Media Manager - PC-based Media Management software
  • UpTime - Early Fault Detection Software for electricity generation power plants
  • Versabook - eBook reading and search software
  • Yahrzeit Calculator - Online calculation of Yahrzeit date based on date of passing